Booking matters :

We recommend rooms based on your group size and room availability. All our rooms well enjoyed across the world.

The rack rate is Rs.300/400 per person per game depending on the duration of the room. We keep giving discounts and seasonal offers. Call us to ask for the prevailing fee.

Yes. We recommend you to book in advance.

We do not typically merge your group with people you don't know. Each theme room has a recommended range for team size based on difficulty level.If your group size is lower than recommended size, the game can be more challenging.

Call us anytime during the working hours ie 11 am to 8:30 pm.

Large Group Bookings:

Yes. We have hosted group sizes ranging from 2 people -150 people.

Yes. We have hosted private events for parties, get together, corporate team events, clubs and associations etc. We encourage you to book your private events during week days and morning hours of week ends. It may be difficult to arrange a private event during peak hours.

Yes. Please call us to learn about discounts for large bookings.

We have quite a few food outlets in the complex we are in. We understand these outlets are open to give discounts for large orders.

Game matters:

Escape Room is an immersive entertainment where

  1. Players are confined to a theme room
  2. Find out the story line
  3. Solve the clues within the time limit and escape the room

Participants over 12 years old are recommended.

Lockers are provided for shoulder bags, wallets and cell phones.

Kids of smaller age group are not allowed to enter the game room and no kid care service is provided. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Generally there will be two help lines given. You can call us if you need more help. We will observe through CCTV and we know where you are stuck and can help you accordingly.

Please press the buzzer and our staff will usher you out. in every room. Staff would arrive promptly once the button is pressed.

No. Work as a team and have fun.