Real brain gym for youngsters who are hooked to virtual playstation world.lets free indian kids from tv and ipads.thanks to creators of such entertaining real time games.

- Geetha Natarajan

Went to this place with my friends yesterday. It was a comical experience. Was fun solving all the puzzles and finding our way out. Will be even more awesome if your a Sherlock or Big Bang Theory fun:) The staff crew are really friendly. Can't wait to hit this place again. Keep up the good work guys... P.S - They lock away your smart phones so that you don't Google your way out.

- Vinoth Gopinath

Lot of fun! Had a real fun time with my family. Good alternative to the regular cliched stuff.

- Raunak Udani

Nice way of clues were given ...I enjoyed a lot with my family

- Shakila Khaleel

OMG!! Freeing India is just tooo awesome and thrilling !!First experience Was the besttttt!! We had participated in the MIRROR OF LOVE game and rite frm the moment the game started we all were just sharpening our brains and running here and there to find solutions for clues!! 45 mins we had and we enjoyed every bit of it!!

- Supreetha Ravichandran

A Different theme - real life escape plans

- Yogasaravanan

Real challenge game. Whole family loves it. people who are interested in solving puzzles in a real life theme Freeing India is a nice place to hangout and have fun and which is present inside the city unlike resorts and amusement parks. This place is a real escape game where they make you solve cases and crimes. An awesome place to hang out with friends and colleagues. The place is located at Ispahani Center, Nungambakkam. The game costs around INR 200 per person but worth the cost.

- Nivas Ravichandran