Themed Rooms

Mirror of love

With dense and strong story background, the interiors and atmosphere, this chamber is considered to be the most mysterious one. Players are characterized into two teams. The two teams will have to enter two separate rooms. Your two teams will have to work together to solve the problems, so that you can save Athena’s life. Every little detail is crucial. Are you ready to take the challenge ?

   6  45

The Prison Chaos

This is the rumored underground prison of the crazy scientist Dr. Alpha. Many scientists who went missing were actually imprisoned here and forced to do thousands of frenzied experiments. 
 The crazy scientist deliberately leaves clues in prison to taunt you. Your team is assigned to this underground prison for saving all the scientists. You only have 45 mins to escape from the chamber. You could have chance to escape successfully and free the scientists only if you pay full attention to all details in the prison...

   6  45

The Lost Chamber

In a sunny afternoon, you went to the Youth Cultural Centre located in Nungambakkam. Someone suddenly covered your eyes from the back and you could see nothing but darkness. You gradually lose your consciousness after smelling some strong odor…… When you wake up, you find yourself in darkness and handcuffed. Can you make it out on time or you will be doomed.

   3  45

Nuclear Countdown

You the scientists at the nuclear control room, start your work like any other day. You very quickly realize that you are trapped by your colleague who just got fired. Your breath almost stops when you realize that the evil genius has also planted a time-bomb. The bomb can trigger a nuclear reaction and turn the city to ashes . You need to prove your intelligence by using his clues and challenges to defuse the bomb and find way to escape. All you have is 45 minutes. Can you save yourselves and the city?

   4  45

Live To Tell

You are part of secret mission to enter the room of spies whom you suspect are sending our country’s defense secrets to enemy country. You know these spies have made locks in such a way that only these two spies by working together as a team can open the locker where the defense secret in kept. You enter the spies room and as feared you are locket inside. You have a limited time to recover the defense secrets and escape.

   6  45

Themed Rooms

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